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We believe a balanced diet gives you the nutrition that the body needs to function properly using raw and fresh ingredients. BLD wants to create healthy food that’s fast for hectic adult lifestyle.

Alexis Lyons

Do you ever feel rushed, like you cannot sit down for an enjoyable healthy meal? BLD Meals will change the way you think about fast healthy food for hectic adult lifestyles. One of the chefs here at BLD meals is Alexis Lyons, food has been a huge part of her life coming from a large family holidays consisted of many appetizers, entrees, along with desserts. Her grandparents owned a restaurant and Alexis had restaurant experience, being able to be a part of the family restaurant she has got to learn many styles or cooking along with many different food choices. Her favorite however has always been the easy on the go yet still delicious and home cooked lunches her grandmother always snuck into her backpack as a child. Some of our recipes at BLD resemble the home cooked on the go while others are aimed toward nearly any type of meal you are looking for.

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Scott Bertrand

I have a very large passion for food and how it affects our lifestyles. I've been a Restaurateur for 4 years and have a huge commitment on delivering high standards to our customers. I believe the farmers, the animals and the nutrients from mother nature need to be treated with integrity. My wife is a dietitian and believes that body can only function with proper nutrition.

Our Specialties

These meals featured below are this holiday's most popular food items. With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, we will have limited edition menu options to choose from. Besides items below, we have a wide variety of meal plans for your busy hectic lifesytle.


Cheese and Meat Spread

Whole grain crackers paired with meat and cheese assortments. Choose between lean protein and variety of cheese.

Stuffed Veggies

Stuffed veggies with cream cheese, meat, wild rice and many more options.

Mixture of Chicken Wings

Two different flavor mixture out of our many flavor options. Our free range chicken wings can be flavored with buffalo sauce, honey mustard sauce, ranch sauce, hot and spicy sauce, sweet tango asian sauce, or our tasty original wing.


Prime Rib Steak

Prime Rib Steak baked to delicious perfection, then cut into bite-sized delights served with lemon wedge.

Baked Turkey

Baked Turkey covered in cranberry sauce served with a side of organic steamed broccoli.

Black Bean Burger

Black bean burger with bacon made out of soybeans top with lettuce and tomatoes. The burger also comes with a choice of sweet potatoe fries, salad or soup of the day.


Assorted chocolates under 100 calories each

Pick from a wide variety of imported chocolate from around the world. Our selection includes white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and carmel treats! All of these options are low in sugar.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Organic strawberries covered in belgium dark chocolate. Perfect treat for a healthy lifestyle.

Yogurts and Parfaits

Choice between flavored or plain and topped with our home made granola and fresh picked berries. Limited time only when fruit is in season.

Clients Say

Feedback from our customers

With a family of five BLD Meals has made our hectic lifestyle a lot easier. We are able to come home take out our meals as a family and avoid the cooking hassle. Also with BLD Meals we do not have to constantly be going out to unhealthy fast food places. Highly recommened for families, the meals are delicious and meet every family members needs and expectations. John Doe, Family Dinner
Even for our anniversary meal we trusted BLD Meals, the dessert selectoin is unbelievable. We got the wonderful cooked prime rib paired with wine and end our dinner with a chocolate dessert. There is so many choices of chocolate to pick from but because this is our anniversary, we had to get all of it. Wonderful restaurant for a perfect dinner setting. Maggie Red, Anniversary

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